Creative Photo Gift Ideas for Valentine Day
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Creative Photo Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

The month of romance is fast approaching, and so is the question, ‘What do I gift my special someone?’ This Valentine’s day, think beyond candies, flowers, chocolates and create gifts that truly speak your heart. We sat down dreaming for a day and put together this list of things we’d love to give/receive as gifts.


Personalized mobile cases

Unleash your creative side and say I do with matching mobile cases. Crop a square photo into two parts and create mobile cases that fit together, just like your love.


Square prints

Import your loved one’s favourite photos from their facebook or instagram. Print them on beautiful square prints and write a heartfelt message at the back of each one. Put the prints in inverted mason jars for a dreamy look.



Wedding/Honeymoon photobook

If you’re married, this is a time to surprise your spouse, or better still, join hands with them to create a unique photobook that holds candid moments from your wedding or your honeymoon.


Passport notebooks

If your partner travels too often, these passport-sized notebooks will serve as a perfect way to remind them of you.

To make it more personal, turn the notebook into a scrapbook with handwritten notes and mini square prints. Passport-notebook--valentine-photo-gift

Wall art

Say it with home decor. Print your favourite memories on ready to hang mounted prints or gallerywrap canvases for a cozy lunch date setting.


Photo cards & mugs

If you want to go the traditional romantic way, personalize an extra large greeting card with your favourite photo and pair it with a classic coffee mug! Extra-large-cards--valentine-photo-gift

Desk Calendar

Choose 12 lovely moments of your relationship and turn them into a calendar for their desk or wall.

Happy Valentine’s!

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